Start Stop Continue Model

Stop Start Continue Change Management Model 1 Using the Stop Start Continue Model – SSCC. The Stop – Start – Continue – Change (SSCC) model can be used for a variety of purposes. … 2 Applications and uses of Stop Start Continue Change 3 Stop Start Continue – Use in feedback. … 4 Stop start continue – In team led performance management. …

The model has been credited to Brigham Young University’s Phil Daniels, psychology professor. It can be used with different aims in mind; for personal reflection , for performance feedback or for team feedback. It can easily ba adapted to work in a lean environment How do I use Stop Start Continue?

STOP START CONTINUE CHANGE as a Feedback Model This model is also extremely useful for giving and receiving feedback, at the team and individual levels. As Andrea Ballard says, others see us more clearly than we see ourselves and so asking others to answer these questions for you is likely to get you info that you did not have before.

Start Stop Continue Model diagram

Start Stop Continue Change Retrospective

A start stop continue retrospective is a simple and effective way for teams to reflect on their recent experiences and decide on what things they should change as they move forward. Create a Start Stop Continue Retrospective in GroupMap.

Discuss and populate the three columns of the start stop continue retrospective template. Discuss and group any common themes. Vote on the key areas you need to take action on. Share and communicate the outcomes of the session to relevant stakeholders. Team members think about what actions they should start, stop, and continue doing as a team.

When you want to get down to the fundamentals, Start Stop Continue is a simple technique for an actionoriented retrospective meeting that encourages participants to come up with practical ideas for teambased improvement and action items you implement right away. Use this template when you want to

Start Stop Continue Change Retrospective diagram