Content Strategy For Pros Use a Pyramid

What is the Strategy Pyramid? The Strategy Pyramid is a simple method for planning for a creative or entrepreneurial vision. The Strategy Pyramid is made up of a variety of pieces that, when completed in the correct order, can help you achieve success:

The Content Pyramid. When you want to develop a successful content marketing strategy, the base of that strategy is, of course, your content. And I’ve found that it’s easy for clients to conceptualize a Content Pyramid like this one when we’re determining what content is needed:

A documented content strategy is vital to keeping it all together according to the 2017 CMI/MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Benchmark report. It shows marketers with a documented content strategy are much more effective than those who do not document their strategy.

Content Strategy For Pros Use a Pyramid

How to Build a Content Strategy Framework

What exactly is a content strategy framework? In short, it’s a structured plan of attack on how you will go about creating content, why you’ll be creating it, for whom you will be creating it, and how it factors into the buying process. Key components of an effective content framework are: Content to match all of that!

6 Popular strategic planning frameworks 1 OGSM 2 Ansoff Matrix 3 Hoshin Kanri 4 7S Model 5 Balanced Scorecard 6 Blue Ocean

For example, the UX and content strategy team might work together, and design a product page with an image and caption, a short description of the product, and then a call to action. If they simply complete the template, there’s a good likelihood it will be used as expected.

How to Build a Content Strategy Framewor

Content Strategy For Pros Use a Pyramid

Learn More →. The term “strategy pyramid” refers both to a methodological approach to running a marketing organization and to a particular document that captures and reflects that approach.

Often, marketing plans are designed to account for activities for a full year and may subdivide activities quarterly. Within the general marketing plan document, the contents are then guided by each of the layers of the strategy pyramid. The top layer, for which the pyramid is named, is the strategy layer.

You need to have highly detailed information in your overall document for the best pyramid strategy implementation. Include details about human resources required for each program, budget requirements, preliminary timelines and key calendar milestone dates.

Content Strategy For Pros Use a Pyramid to Bu