Business Transformation Frameworks

The Business Transformation Framework encompasses a model to assure alignment in two ways: ‘strategic alignment’ and ‘business – IT alignment’. First, ‘strategic alignment’ is assured using the Business Transformation Framework ‘from top to bottom’. We are referring to the ‘rows’ in the Business Transformation Framework.

Business Transformation Planning is an important and essential process for effective design and management of business transformations in a changing world. The Business Transformation Framework is an approach for structured and planned change. It helps to translate the business strategy into an executable transformation portfolio.

Business transformations require bold thinking and an honest assessment of an enterprise’s goals and limitations. Success relies on the thinking and actions to identify, unlock, and drive new value across the enterprise.

Business Transformation Framework

The Business Transformation Framework is a 5component framework (or methodology) intended to inform and assist with the design and delivery of a business transformation program.

Adoption of the Business Process Transformation Framework will result in greatly increasing the odds of a successful business transformation project, while increasing the velocity and lowering the cost of transformation accordingly.

The business outcome framework starts with a simple template to help technically minded individuals document and gain consensus. This template can be used with several business stakeholders to collect a variety of business outcomes, which could each be influenced by a company’s transformation journey.

Business Transformation Framework Explained

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