Business Strategy Pyramid

Business strategy pyramid explains the various components of company’s strategy. At the top you have vision, strategy and strategic initiatives. In the middle, you have critical success factors such as financial, customer, processes, learning and innovation categories. KPIs for the same categories help us measure our success while everything ultimately relies on our ability to deploy initiatives to achieve all of the above business strategy pyramid factors.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy – Business Strategy Analysis – Business Strategy Framework – Business Strategy
Methodology – Business Strategy model is an approach to developing a company’s strategy and ultimately resolving business problems and creating a unique market position.

The business strategy development process starts with understanding of one’s mission, beliefs and values. Then company needs to understand where it currently stands, e.g. via a conducting a SWOT analysis. Then the company is to set goals and priorities, establish targets and measures and finally develop a roadmap or an action plan. Below sample images are examples of Business Strategy development cycle used by company’s management.

business strategy