Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills what are they? The below diagram shows critical skills categories: knowledge (obtaining the information), comprehension (understanding the relevance, facts, data), application and analysis. What is critical thinking?

Critical Thinking Skills diagram

Executing the Document Strategy Framework

How to develop a document or a presentation that would capture audience.  Understand first the objectives what you are trying to portray.  Understand your audience, what are their needs, what do they want to hear.  Strategize how you would influence your audience.  Often it is the emotion that sways people in the direction you want, not the facts or figures.  Then again, some people enjoy seeing figures that support the argument and can be objective when making the decision.   Also think how you going to create the document, maintain it, where you are going to store it, who is going to read it in the future?  

Executing the Document Strategy Framework diagram

Communication Strategy Framework PPT Sample

Communication strategy diagram components include the following: timely, relevant and targeted, cost effective, measurable, open and honest, strategic, and accessible. Your communication strategy also needs to be engaging and clearly branded.

Communication Strategy Framework PPT Sample diagram

Marketing Strategy Framework Diagram

Your company’s marketing strategy should follow the following approach. Start with Values and Vision, proceed to Assessment and Objectives, develop the strategy and how you are going to execute as well as measure its performance. This diagram shows the marketing strategy framework.

Marketing Strategy Framework Diagram diagram

Business Analysis Framework

How to analyze a business? Start with the following business analysis framework. First it is important to understand business context through understanding the current situation, then consider other perspectives, analyze needs through gap analysis and other tools, evaluate options and define requirements. Finally proceed with the changes once the situation is well analyzed.

Business Analysis Framework diagram

Risk Management Template

The below risk management template shows severance and probability of risk. Risk can occur rarely but have a big impact, others may have a high probability of occurrence but low impact. The below template lets you not only assess the risks but also show it in a nice looking color-coded dashboard.

Risk Management Template diagram

Digital Strategy Framework as Compared to Online, Business and IT strategies.

This digital strategy framework shows how Digital strategy fits in between your Online, Business and IT strategies, how it different from the others but ultimately ties things together. It is holistic approach to your internal and external digital capabilities.

Digital Strategy Framework as Compared to Online, Business and IT strategies. diagram