Product analysis

Product analysis diagram below helps you compare various products among key parameters including client satisfaction, quality, price, and lead time to get the product. You may have a product score high in one criteria (e.g. quality) but score low on price and lead times.
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Client experience assessment

Client experience assessment diagram below is an example of CX could be compared among different companies and products. The criteria for client experience analysis could be friendliness of service, wait times, ability to address client needs and quality of information provided.
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Process effectiveness assessment

How to assess process effectiveness and compare various processes on the same diagram? The below framework can help complete process effectiveness assessments based on resources required, processing time, cost and quality as measured by the number of defects or other criteria. Compare multiple processes all in one diagram.
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SWOT Analysis framework

SWOT analysis is one of the top mba frameworks that looks at company’s internal and external factors from positive and negative perspectives. SWOT includes the following key parts: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The SWOT diagram below mentions Starbucks as a great examples of a company that can be viewed through this strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats model.

Customer Data Model

Customer data model includes 4 key categories: demographics, behaviour, financial and transactional. Combining these customer data drivers helps develop a proper model that can measure, and propose various tactics and strategies to analyze and maximize value from clients. Below diagram summarizes this customer data approach

Process analysis

Process analysis diagram below can help analysts with assessing efficiency and effectiveness of various processes against multiple dimensions. For example, process analysis can include a comparison on resources required, process time, cost, and quality of the process. Map processes by the level of process effectiveness for each of the set assessment criteria.
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SWOT analysis explained diagram

SWOT diagram comes in various shapes but the key thing is to list down the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in an easily identifiable manner. You can get started easily by using one of our professionally designed SWOT analysis templates. You can modify any of those templates online using our SWOT analysis software.

Now you know how to do it, it’s time to create your own personal SWOT analysis diagram. If you prefer to create it online ( so you can access it anytime, anywhere ) just click on the following blank SWOT template. It will open in a new window inside our diagram editor.

SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis is a framework used to evaluate a company’s competitive position and to develop strategic planning. SWOT analysis assesses internal and external factors, as well as current and future potential.

Problem analysis diagram

Root Cause Analysis diagram is used to analyze the root causes of factors that influence the problem. It helps to identify the root causes for a factor and then propose possible corrective actions. A diagram is constructed separately for each high priority factor.

Finding Solutions. A problem tree analysis is a pictorial representation of a problem, its causes and its consequences. This analysis tool helps the project team get a quick glance of how a range of complex issues contribute toward a problem and how this problem branches out into a set of consequences.

Problem Analysis. Funded projects are usually proposed to address and/or solve identified problems. Problem analysis therefore involves identifying the overriding problem and establishing the causes and effects related to that problem.